Products Liability

As consumers, we make assumptions that the products we buy will be safe for us and our families. Sometimes, this is not the case.

In just about any product liability case, the option of a class action case or mass tort could be looked at. This is because manufacturers typically produce hundreds, and sometimes thousands of any one product, meaning that many, many people can be affected by any defects found within that one product. When that happens, a class action case or a mass tort might be filed.

While they do differ from each other, class action suits and mass torts involve large groups of people that have a similar lawsuit against one company or responsible party. Filing these types of lawsuits can give plaintiffs larger amounts of compensation, save them costs, and can also keep the court systems from filling up with the same case over and over again.

Not all product liability cases however, meet the criteria needed to file a class action suit or mass tort. In these cases, private product liability claims can be filed; and even when there are several plaintiffs with the same claim, this might still be the most desirable option. To determine what’s best for you and your case, speak to a professional California product liability lawyer.

At Joel Johnson, our Coachella Valley personal injury attorneys can help if you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective product. We have decades of experience in holding manufacturers accountable for their actions – and winning compensation for our clients.

Take the first step towards full and fair compensation for your injuries now by calling 760-346-7660.

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