Pharmaceutical Injury

Pharmaceutical prescriptions are common in today’s world, but many of drugs can carry serious side-effects and dangerous drug interactions. If pharmacists and doctors don’t exercise reasonable care, prescription medications can be deadly.

Our Coachella Valley pharmacy malpractice lawyers work with victims to seek civil justice for injuries resulting from pharmacy malpractice.

Today, the sheer volume of prescriptions being dispensed is mind-boggling. With advances in medical technology there is practically a pill that can address virtually any ailment.

Unfortunately, most pharmacists are extremely busy and the high volume of prescription medications being filled on a daily basis leave room for negligent and reckless mistakes. When it comes to dangerous drug interactions and overdosing, these mistakes can cost patients their lives.

Unfortunately, pharmacy dispensing errors can occur due to a variety of distractions, staff shortages, and inadequate technician assistance. However, just because a pharmacist is busy, doesn’t make dispensing errors acceptable, especially when the patient pays with their health.

Often, a patient who takes the wrong dosage or wrong medication suffers additional illness. Consequently, they are forced to seek extensive medical treatment and will most likely require additional medication. These types of mistakes by a pharmacist can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

A pharmacist’s job is to not only dispense medications, but to counsel and teach patients about the medications as well. At times, pharmacists are negligent and they do make dangerous mistakes.

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